- the Art

Artful Beadworks

Jewelry Design by Kim Collins

Fine Art Photographs

from Robert Manz

Landmark Oil Paintings

from Forrest Pirovano

Fine Jewelry Designs

from Inner Diameter Jewelry

by Frank Kreimendahl

Adorable sock monkeys

by Toby Kreimendahl

Arts of Palm

by Colleen Corson

The "Hole" Cookie - can you eat the whole thing ??


Fresh Produce, grown organically

from Peachtree Circle Farm

Fine Handcrafted Jewelry

from Pax Gaia Designs

by Candace Proctor

Handmade Custom Fashion Jewelry

from Regina Correira

Soft Weaves

from Vivian Dreisbach

Manukaman Watercolors

by Damon Crook

Treasures from the Deep

by the "Pirate Captain"

.................and more, new artists are always showing up at the Market, so drop in and see what's there this week !



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